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Rejuvenate: The Future
Of Indoor Gardening

Rejuvenate is an elegant fully automated indoor garden that can grow a large variety of organic herbs and vegetables with minimal maintenance.


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Minimal Maintenance
With The Power Of

Rejuvenate acts as a miniature biodome, creating the perfect environment for your plants to prosper.

Since your plants are maintained within a closed environment, moisture is contained for significantly longer so you only have to fill the water tank once a month.

From Pod To
Plant In
28 Days

Using our smart plant pods and soil-free grow system you can grow up to 15 plants, flowers, and herbs at a time and harvest them in as little as a month.

No more dealing with messy soil or timely seed germination, just plant, grow, and harvest in as little as 28 days.


Huge Variety of
Herbs, &


Eye Catching

Rejuvenate is about more than growing delicious organic vegetables easily and efficiently. Its elegant design adds an element of life to any room.

The integrated app can be used to modify the color of the internal LEDs to give the ambiance you’re looking for.

Simple Setup

We’re launching soon!

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