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Rejuvenate Rejuvenate


The Keurig
Indoor Gardening


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Water & Feed
Once Per Harvest

Using a process called Fogponics, which combines water and organic plant fertilizer into a nutrient-rich mist, creating the perfect environment for your plants to prosper.

Moisture is contained for significantly longer in the closed environment and the system requires minimal water compared to traditional gardens.

From Pod To
Plant In
28 Days

Using our smart plant pods and soil-free grow system you can grow up to 15 plants, flowers, and herbs at a time and harvest them in as little as a month.

No more dealing with messy soil or timely seed germination, just plant, grow, and harvest in as little as 28 days.


Grow A Huge Variety
of Plants,
& Flowers 365 Days
A Year

Why wait until summer to have access to your favorite fresh, organic produce? With Rejuvenate you can constantly grow and harvest no matter the weather conditions outside.

Order from an always-growing list of new plant pods whenever you’re ready for your next crop!

Plants & Herbs

Flowers (coming soon)


Compliment Any
Indoor Space

Rejuvenates elegant design adds an element of life to any room without taking up much space. It measures 60cm by 60cm so can place it on a side table or kitchen counter.

The integrated app can be used to modify the color of the internal LEDs or increase the amount of fog being produced so you can create the perfect ambiance.

Simple Setup

Step 1: Add water & nutrients

Step 2: Plant up to 15 pods of your choice

Step 3: Watch them grow

Take Everything You
To The Next Level

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